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Digital marketing is one of the youngest marketing channels, allowing businesses to rapidly and effectively take actions and measure results. Although present on the market for only a couple of decades, online marketing is one of the most interactive and fast evolving marketing channels.

Digital activities instantly reach millions of people and offer outstanding opportunities for businesses, irrespective of their industry or dimension. We no longer talk about awareness when implementing online campaigns, but we talk about helping customers take decisions fast, by offering relevant information.

Any marketing mix should have a digital component, as internet becomes more and more a traditional channel for searching, comparing and buying anything a person may think of. Customers are online and this is where your business should be, too!

Our aim is to offer our clients the most innovative and profitable digital opportunities and solutions, in order to increase their business and differentiate amongst competitors.

We have gained years of experience and know-how and we are the kind of business partner which builds intelligent solutions from scratch.

Using the expertise and technology our people have in digital marketing, we support our clients in thriving their businesses.

We focus on:

  • Keeping our professional capabilities and skills updated with newest market trends
  • Investing in technology
  • Adopting both conventional and unconventional approaches in our solutions
  • Keeping clients loyal and satisfied
  • Always listening to the market and the clients
  • Communicating effectively and in time with all our clients

Statepoint is a company specialized in digital marketing activities. With plenty of years of experience in online marketing, we have gained a lot of expertise across industries, working on hundreds of online marketing projects. We dedicate our efforts to understanding the online environment and always offer the most innovative solutions to our clients.

Our goal is to offer the most appropriate online marketing solutions to our clients and to create online presences which make a difference. For this reason, we have invested a lot in our professional capabilities, in innovation and technology.

The most important part of our company is represented by the team. We have developed over the years a team of specialists and online gurus. Through constant learning and specialization, we manage to customize smart online marketing solutions for all types of businesses. Whether it’s about digital strategy, development, design, project management or communication, we have solutions to cover businesses with a 360° approach.

  • Marketing

    Integrated online marketing and consulting services

  • Expertise

    Proven expertise in online marketing

  • Experience

    Hundreds of projects worldwide and across industries

  • Loyality

    Loyal and satisfied clients

Choose us if you are looking to:

Experience the most innovative digital solutions

Take the most out of this highly dynamic and adaptable marketing channel

Achieve the best results for your business

Cooperate with the most experienced digital professionals on the market

Find out what marketing activities best fit your business

Increase your business

At Statepoint, we specialize in complex and integrated digital marketing activities, from which we outline: generating quality web traffic, increasing conversions, nurturing client databases, retaining clients, customizing integrated campaigns and many more.

We start by analyzing and evaluating the current state of the business and then move forward to designing and implementing the right mix of activities to meet your business objectives.

We are eager to discover how we can develop your business!

Our services

Our service portfolio is very complex and covers a wide range of online marketing activities, from consultancy and building the strategy to measuring results.

Marketing analysis

Solid analysis is the basis for any successful activity, as both the current status and business opportunities must be very well known before implementing any strategy. As part of an integrated online marketing plan or as a standing services, we offer complete and thorough marketing analysis to support the decision-making process. Our team identifies the core aspects of your business while defining them in the context of competition, strengths and opportunities, as well as the general business environment.

Let us evaluate your business and outline the successful direction to take!

Email marketing

To be successful, email marketing has to overcome the numerous restrictions and rules and reach the right targets. You don’t want to be marked as spam or to make your customers unsubscribe from your newsletters. In order to maximize your results on this particular channel, we have dedicated specialists who have expertise and knowledge in the fields of targeting, permissions, timing and relevant content. What is important is to deliver your customers the information they need, when they need it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO focuses on how businesses position themselves in the online searches. Our team manages the art of key wording and competition monitoring. We have a set of tools and relevant expertise in acquiring exceptional results with SEO.

Once you become our client, you can be sure your potential customers will find you!

Conversion optimization

Intense website traffic is not enough if it does not translate into final clients. Conversion optimization is a specific method for creating a website experience with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that in the end become clients. This process needs continuous monitoring and optimization. Based on a set of additional activities (like data collection, goal setting and statistical analysis) and experience in conversions, our team ensures great results for businesses.

Content marketing

Although not exclusive to online marketing, content marketing is one of key benefits of it. In fact, content is a crucial factor for effective online marketing. It is all a matter of conveying the target audience the exact message they want to hear. Since the internet allows users to find any information with only one click, we have developed a team of specialists who understand the importance of content marketing and provide state-of-the-art solutions for business continuity and success.

Let us be the ones who create your story and share it with your customers!

Social media

Socializing on the internet has become a habit for almost everyone around the world. Thus, you need to engage with your customers and let them know what the story behind your brand is and keep them updated on what your brand is doing.

Listening to your customers and promoting a two-way communication with them is as important as creating loyalty among them. Statepoint is here to take this task off your hands in order to maximize results!

PPC (Pay per click)

Whether you’ve already heard about PPC or Google AdWords, the key element of this type of action is that this is a way of buying visits to your website. This is always a part of a healthy marketing mix and exceptional results are achieved when proper campaigns are in place.

Our PPC specialists have the required expertise for implementing successful campaigns and generating high-quality web traffic.

Consultancy and strategy

In addition to any specific service we provide to our clients, Statepoint offers consultancy and strategy services meant to create a complex and integrated online marketing mix. Our consultants know how to evaluate any business, adapt the marketing mix to business objectives and create a strong and powerful strategy which delivers outstanding results.

We look forward to working with you!

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